About us

Although WildWood Wine is new in West Sonoma County, our history for making award winning wines can be found in our winemaker, the vineyards responsible for providing our grapes, our processing partners and our owners.

Our Team

Our founder and owners have a long history in Russian River wine production. Chris O’Neil and Barbara Satler began their vintner experience in 2008 as owners of the famed Russian River Vineyards located in Forestville, California. After retiring from the Russian River Vineyard operations, they realized that they would no longer have the opportunity to provide their award-winning wines as a donation to the many causes they supported over the years. 

WildWood Wine allows them to continue to provide the philanthropy by bringing their energy and experience to creating wine with a purpose.

Chris and Barbara have a long history of supporting numerous non-profits in Sonoma County, including Food for Thought, Social Advocates for Youth, Ceres Project, and various Rotary projects. Wildwood wine is born of the need to continue to support the efforts of non-profits by offering a generous portion of the proceeds from every sale of WildWood Wine.


Anthony Austin was born and raised in Wine Country. After completing his studies in Enology at the University of California Davis, he went on to learn the craft of winemaking from the legendary winemaker Andre Tchelistcheff. It was Tchelistcheff who recommended the young winemaker to the new Firestone Winery back in 1974. Austin spent 10-years mastering his craft at that winery.

Assistant Winemaker

Nick Delamontoya comes from the De La Montanya wine family in Healdsburg, California. He has spent years becoming aware of the intricacies of wine making, and has a special passion for his association with winemaking.